Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Renovation Company

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It can be nerve-wracking to embark on home renovation projects when you don’t have a good contracting company by your side. Choosing home renovation company is important to ensure the success of renovation projects. Whether you want some remodeling, a home addition, or a new deck, the best renovation company can make the entire process … Read more

Roller Shutter vs. Double Glazing Windows: Advantages, Disadvantages

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Roller shutter and double glazing windows are different types which are available for one’s home or office for selection of windows. These are two optional available choices that are popular with their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, this article depicts the pre-eminence and constraints of both types of windows. A better and logical understanding will … Read more

Low E-Glass Advantages & Disadvantages

Reading Time: 11 minutes

A type of window glass that has been used to minimize the transfer of heat is called Low Emissivity commonly known as Low E Glass.  This glass is made by using thin layer of material that is not seen by human eye including zinc, indium tin oxide and silver. The purpose of this layer is … Read more

Hip Vs Gable Roof – Which one is the best?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Reverse Gable Roof: A Unique and Striking Architectural Choice

When it comes to roof designs, the reverse gable roof stands out as a unique and eye-catching option. With its distinct style and functional advantages, the reverse gable roof has gained popularity among homeowners and architects alike. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and considerations of a reverse gable roof, highlighting its … Read more

Hot mop a roof – How much does it cost to hot mop a roof?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’ve got a lot of questions from my fans, about hot mopping and they just want to know more about the term “hot mopping.” What is it, and is it something that most roofers actually works with? The word “hot mopping” is referred to as the method of putting together a built-up roof. A built-up … Read more

Can You Put Heat Cable on a Metal Roof? Exploring the Benefits and Considerations

Reading Time: 8 minutes

So, we often get questions on metal roofs about installing heat cable and then having to add snow retention. Some people are anti-snow retention, and in some cases, I can understand their points. So, many homeowners find themselves concerned about ice dams forming on their roofs. That’s because ice can seriously damage roofs and gutters, … Read more

How to install a Metal Roof over a Gambrel Roof? (WITH PICTURES)

Reading Time: 8 minutes

So, you have got a gambrel roof over your shed or a tiny house and are now looking to replace worn out roofing with metal roofing. An important component of any building that provides the shelter and protection from the environment is called roof. When choosing a roof style, the Gambrel metal roof is synonymous … Read more