Benefits of Window Replacement: Advantages Of Upgrading Old Windows

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Replacing your windows is a major project. It’s pretty costly if you want to go for quality windows, but it’s one of the rare investments that will pay off. First of all, it increases the energy efficiency of your home. Second, it’s a major part of your home’s interior and exterior appearance. If you don’t trust us, try to take a picture with your home in the frame without capturing a single window. With all this in mind, here are some advantages of upgrading your old windows.

  1. Better energy-efficiency

New windows will save you a lot of power on heating or cooling the place. Since this is one of your household’s biggest (if not the biggest) expenses, the difference will be quite significant. 

How big of a difference are we talking about? Well, it all depends on your current windows.

For instance, switching from a single-pane to a double-glazing window can be astronomical. Still, when you try to switch from a double-glazing to a triple-pane window, the difference (although there) might not be as big as you would expect. So, what you’ll face is the phenomenon of diminishing value. 

The same thing goes with argon-filled windows. These windows have gas between the panes, making them incredibly useful when retaining indoor heat or keeping the cold out. The problem is that the ROI or cost-efficiency may not be as great.

In other words, these gas-filled windows are amazing if you want the best (regardless of the price). This way, you get the optimal efficiency for the sake of eco-friendliness, even though the windows may never pay themselves off. 

  1. Refreshing your home’s exterior

Another major benefit of upgrading your old windows lies in giving your home’s appearance a major facelift. The right replacement window balance can completely shift the way your home looks. 

Windows are a major element of the home’s aesthetic. A window’s frame material and style can change the home’s interior or exterior. Not to mention that windows are your home’s main (or only) source of sunlight. So, by switching to larger or smaller windows, you can affect how much light your home sees throughout the day. 

Now, we’ve already talked about how a new window may change the appearance of your home. This is not always a positive thing or even an allowed thing. If you’re living in a historic home, changing too much of your home’s exterior becomes a massive no-no. Therefore, you might have to look for alternative solutions and special permits.

One such solution is to install a storm window, an “outer layer” window that you just insert over your existing window to enjoy some of its properties.

  1. Higher quality of life

New windows can help you with so many aspects of your life. First of all, the fact that the power bill will be lower might help your budget. This means you may treat yourself to a few more little luxuries every month. The most important of all is that you get this extra money without sacrificing anything. You just increase the efficiency.

Then, the fact that the energy efficiency is higher also means that the place will be warmer. You see, it’s not just about power-saving. When the room is drafty, there’s a limit to how much you can warm it up, no matter how hard your boiler room is working.

Then, there’s the matter of noise reduction. Windows are barriers to the outside world, which means that noises entering and leaving your home will (at least partially) go through your windows. The most important thing, however, is that these new windows will provide you with much more privacy.  What goes on in your home will stay in your home, and all the noises of the outside world will stay far away.

  1. Better home security

Your security system is only as good as its weakest link. In other words, it doesn’t matter how good the lock on your door is if the lock on your windows is too poor. The majority of these new windows come with an advanced locking system

Another thing to understand is the importance of impact-resistant glass. Once again, imagine spending $500 on the newest door smart lock only to be broken by a stone or a brick. With a better window, you’ll reduce the risk of this kind. Sure, your windows won’t become completely impenetrable, but they’ll become too resistant to be broken with little effort. This alone is a powerful deterrent.

Lastly, these windows are easy to operate. The biggest problem with old windows is that they’re hard to lock, close, or open. So, people sometimes confuse stuck with locked. With a new window, this risk will be out of the equation. 

  1. Better home value

If you plan to sell the place at any point, having better windows will increase your odds of getting more money for your home. Just keep all the receipts so you can provide proof to the appraiser that the installation/purchase was new. 

People who buy homes do their research. One of the things they’ll ask is the expenses. With better windows, you’ll get a lower utility bill. Keep the last three bills to show them to the potential buyer. With the new windows, the difference should be significant.

It’s also worth mentioning that new windows require less maintenance. This, too, is something that you’ll have to look into when making a pitch for your home.

Then, there’s the issue that the work to improve your home now shows. Everyone can see new windows. They’re hard to miss and indicate expensive work to improve the area. 

Wrap up

Regarding a major home improvement project, new windows should always be on your list. Sure, they’re important, but they’re always worth it. They boost the energy efficiency of your home. Make it more beautiful and increase the resale value of the place. On top of it all, it increases the overall privacy in your home, which is already a huge upgrade to the living conditions. So, when it comes to window replacement, it’s never a question if it’s worth it – only if you can afford it.

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