Different Types of Bat Bricks in Construction

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Wondering about different types of bat bricks in construction and brick masonry? Well, with so many terminologies involved anyone can get confused. So, in today’s read we’d like to show you different types of cut bricks one may need while working on brick masonry.

Please be noted that the word “bat” has nothing to do with your favorite hero character “bat man” J

Bats in brick masonry

The term “brick bat” is generally used to express a brick that has been cut along the width or length of the brick such that it is of smaller size than the original brick. Anyhow following are the different types of brick bats and their uses:

The sequence of my below explanation will further help you in remembering the concept; so keep in mind this sequence as well.


The word “Closer” is given to such a brick bat that is used to close the brick course or in other terms that is used at the end of a course. In broader meanings, a brick is a closer brick when you cut it longitudinally and use it at the end of a course so as to stagger the vertical joints. This is very crucial for the durability of the brick masonry otherwise the water may seep through directly with the straight vertical joint. Anyhow, let’s explore different types of brick closers.

King Closer Brick

If you cut the triangular corner of the brick from center of a header and a stretcher face of a brick you get a king closer brick. It forms a shape like that of a king’s crown and hence named as king closer.

Queen Closer Brick Bat

If you cut the brick along the longitudinal direction of a brick into half pieces, you get a queen closer. It’s named as queen because king can’t stay alone. (This is a joke, lolz) Anyhow, there are two types of queen closer. Queen closer half and queen closer quarter. If you cut the brick in half its half closer and when you cut in quarter its queen closer quarter.

Mitred Closer

Yes it’s difficult to pronounce but it’s easier to remember. It’s a contrast to that of a king closer. If you cut the brick along its width in a way that it makes an angle of 45 to 60 degrees the remaining portion of the brick is called mitred closer. The word mitred is derived from the shape you get from the mitre or miter that’s a traditional or ceremonial headgear.

Bevelled Bat Closer

This is a brother of king closer but it’s longer than that. A beveled closer is obtained if you cut the brick at an angle in such a way that one corner of a header is joined with the half of the opposite header.

Different types of brick bats

Here’re different types of brick bat. But remember that bat is not specific to be used at the closing or corner of a course but rather it’s used to stager the vertical joints between adjacent courses.

There are three different types of brick bats (i) Half Bat (ii) Three-quarter bat (iv) beveled bat.

Let’s explore each one by one

Half Bat

Half bat is the cut piece that has half the length of the original brick.

Three-quarter bat

If you cut the brick in a way to get a piece that has length equal to three quarter of the length of the brick than it is three-quarter bat.

Beveled Bat

As the name suggests, the beveled bat is a brick bat that has its width beveled.

Key takeaways

Brick masonry is an art and that art needs a crafty work as it is self-explanatory from these brick bats and closers.

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