How to Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing

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Either you are in the construction industry or do it by yourself mode, you want materials that are resist, strong, durable and have ease of doing work on a variety of project.  PVC roofing or corrugated fiberglass which is composed of opaque (octagonal-wave shape) or translucent, made up of polycarbonate thermoplastic polymer material. PVC roofing works well for sheds, porch and green houses.  The available size of sheets are 4 x 8 foot or 10 foot sheets.

It is a durable, flexible and weather resistant material and bear temperature ranging from -40°F to +270°F. It can bear the impacts of wind and hail as well. The unique design and material makes it a long term investment for any house owner because it would not degrade over the years.

The following steps will let you know how to cut the plastic sheet.

Step: 1

To start the process of cutting the PVC sheet, firstly place it on a flat surface. The desired cutting length/width is obtained using a measuring tape. Marking on the sheet is done using felt marker. These markings are joined using straight edge. This help to cut the straight PVC sheet as per desired length and width

Step : 2

It is advisable to keep helper if there is an excess of around three feet of material laying on the off cut side to provide the requisite support.

For safety purpose, it is better to use safety goggles during the process of cutting.

Step : 3

Adjust the circular saw’s blade to its maximum cutting depth. Ensure the blade is a general-purpose, carbide-tipped one. With one hand, keep the blade guard open, then start the saw and commence cutting along the marked line.

Step : 4

As the saw advances far enough for the guard to rest on top of the material being cut, release the guard promptly. Utilize your other hand to press the roofing against the flat surface while maintaining the cut. This approach helps minimize vibrations that could lead to chipping, binding, or wandering during the cutting process.

Step : 5

Execute the cut slowly and steadily until you reach the opposite end of the marked line. Continue cutting beyond the end of the sheet and allow the off-cut to fall freely. If there is someone supporting the off-cut, they should permit the cut edge to fall naturally before pulling the material away.

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