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 So you are a green activist who seek esteem to live in wooden made houses or you are that antiquarian who wants to be a proud possessor of an antique house.

Whoever you are or whatever your needs might be; keeping a wooden house brings in exceptional set of questions, options and opportunities.

But are you just that mindful of preserving such precious gifts?  There are floods of associated problems questioning the sustainability of wood – as a construction material?

Keeping all these challenges with engineered wood aside; the fashion of house constructions around the world readily reveal its attractive reputation as well as nature-loving attribute while on the other hand; its tricky preservation and uncertain sustainability is a challenging task for the realtors; which cannot be ignored.

Advantages of Wooden Houses

Because of advancements in wood and timber industry, better understanding of wood chemistry and utilizing various types of structural woods and glued elements; wood can arguably be regarded as future construction material.

From floor panels to roof trusses, from sheathing panels to wall elements, wall studs, laminated or cross-laminated type processed structural woods and dierent types of joists and beams. From glulam curved beams to LVL panels you can build any shape or any structure you want with this super-amazing construction material.

Gone are the days, when wood was used only for a two story residential structures. Because now you have wooden shear walls and structural insulated panels that adds resistance against seismic forces as well as uplift wind pressure. Now you don’t have to worry to erect a 4-6 story wooden framed buildings.

Following are the reasons that explains why wood is the widest used construction material for dierent array of houses in United States and other parts of the world.

Living close to nature

It is in our instinct to love nature and praise it and that’s why everyone has adoration for live close to nature. These lifeless stones and dull concrete panels shifts you away from nature. The house you are living in has a sure influence on your habits, life events and your abilities. So living in a wooden house for has a positive impact on your life and your health.

Environmental Friendly

 Wood is a sustainable and renewable resource that unlike concrete does not need any burning of fuel or industrial manufacturing. All the carbon in the wood is stored inside till you burn it as a fuel. So you can’t find any other more environmental friendly material like wood. 


Because wood is readily available and is easy to construct; even you can build things with DIY. So it encompasses cheap and fast construction where you don’t have to cure the things up or to wait for 28 days’ strength etc.  Like its weight; wood is very light on your budget as well.


A sawed log of wood has a natural texture that looks amazing. So you don’t have to use any paint or finishing on the structural element of a wooden house because its natural appeal and its look is attractive. Even the wax and varnish we apply on wood is not for esthetics but is to make it weather resistant.

 Insulation properties and Energy Ecient Material

 Can you sum up how much amount you have spent on insulating your concrete cement made house on roof and around walls inside or out?  On the other side, wood has a natural resistance against high temperatures. Instead, being heated by cheeky sun, the moisture of the wood gets evaporated and while being dry; its strength and resistance towards mold and termite increases.

Similarly, its conductivity towards heat is pretty low as compared with concrete and that’s why the heat loss from the home is pretty less making it a perfect material for energy ecient buildings. Wood is a perfect insulator for electricity; so you dont have to worry for some earth current shocks like in concrete structures.


Wood has a very useful tensile property which allows it to resist bending. Its tensile strength to weight ratio is very high as compared to that of concrete.

Acoustic Properties

Wood is a preferred construction material in concert halls and libraries. Reason? Its perfect sound absorbing properties. You shout your name in a concrete built empty room and then shout again with that room filled with furniture; the dierence is crystal clear.

Preservation of wood as a sustainable material

 We have hundreds years old construction surviving the test of times; but all of them are of stone, concrete or steel. So, why not wood?  Because; wood requires frequent maintenance and renovation; which, if overlooked, could be disastrous for you, as a realtor.

Wood, both used in exterior faces of the building or in the interior; require treatment for protection to safeguard and shield against bio-damage. There are many destructive forces of nature you have to fight with, otherwise your property will lose its original value and demand.

Increasingly all architects, homeowners, realtors and contractors are asking for wood care and decoration products that could preserve this gift of nature.

Professionals know that Hadjiyiannis have those diverse collection of exterior and interior wood care as well as decoration products that are second to none.

Whatever your wood treatment needs might be; we have everything that can shield and protect your wood in a comprehensive manner. Let me now transcribe common hiccups you would face as a wood house owner and then I would advise you the remedy.


Protecting exterior wood work from harsh weathers exposure to stinging solar radiation can be damage triggering for the exterior faces of the woodwork causing permanent discoloration, fading and even cracking. Therefore, external wood work is to be protected from stinging solar UV radiation along with a sealant.

You don’t have to worry because we have water-based impregnation varnish suitable for exterior wood work care. They are highly penetrative sealant with no visible film which preserves the natural appearance of wood because of Woodtouch sheen.

They provide protection against UV radiation and weather condition for more than 5 years. These varnishes have fast drying properties that makes your wood water resistance in matter of minutes. Application is very easy even on vertical faces.

Protecting Interior Wood from Stains and Scratches

Protecting interior wood surfaces and items in a house requires repetitive and timely maintenance. We have group of varnishes, waxes, oils, paints and primers. These set of protectors are a perfect safeguard toolkit for your interior wood elements of a house. By using these products your interior wood surfaces would be protected effectively from all types of knocks and scratches. These wood finishing elements spread easily with fast drying properties and are odorless.

They render wood surfaces with silky satin shine. Before applying the colored varnish, we recommend you to use Faux Wood Primer, which is very easy to be applied on the surface. Scratches on the interior wood elements is a very annoying and common problem. But now you don’t have to worry for this because you have got this amazing 3-part Touch-up pen that can easily hide scratches as well as mild damage on finished wood surfaces.

Beside this we have Retouch crayons that is a repair wax and can be used to fill and mask small and medium sized scratches and cracks.

 Preserving and Protecting Wooden Flooring

The wooden floors are undoubtedly damaged because of splashes from boiling water, alcohol, coffees and other chemicals. Similarly, because of movement and friction, scratches are obvious and in some cases they are easily cracked or chipped because of knocks. For your floor protection; Hadjiyiannis have high performance varnishes that can protect the wooden floors from stains and scratches.

They protect the floors from UV radiations or extreme loads. By creating a unified transparent protective film; they are a long term solution for interior and outdoor flooring surfaces.

Preserve Wooden Decking

Maintaining a wooden deck is at times though as a complicated and tricky job. The wooden decking is liable to turn grey or get cracked easily while beaten by weather they becomes slippery and if not sealed can clutch moisture increasing the risk of fungus and decay. So if you are looking for some decking oil; you are at the right place.

In a Nutshell

Finding prolific wood preservation products are not easy these days; there are many deceptive storytellers out there. It is very important that you select a wood preservation and decoration product which is effective for an extended time; so you might carry out your other works. Our products are choice of professional architects, realtors, house owners and contractors for over a decade.


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