Aluminum Pan Roofing Panels – Pros & Cons

Reading Time: 5 minutes

A roof is an upper most part of building which provides a structural cover, protect the building against sun, wind and rain etc. The roof is classified into three categories on the basis of its shape. A roof can be constructed by different types of materials. The choice of material depends upon the following factor … Read more

Primate Coat – Meaning – Thickness – Temperature – Tack coat

Reading Time: 6 minutes

A prime coat is a low viscosity asphalt waterproofing layer between asphalt course and aggregate base or WBM.  But there’s far more than just the meaning. So, in today’s blog article; we’ll cover all the specifications for primate coat i.e thickness, temperature, and will answer primate vs tack coat. So, grab a cup of coffee … Read more