Aluminum Pan Roofing Panels – Pros & Cons

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A roof is an upper most part of building which provides a structural cover, protect the building against sun, wind and rain etc. The roof is classified into three categories on the basis of its shape.

  • Pitched or sloping roof
  • Flat or terraced roof
  • Curved roof

A roof can be constructed by different types of materials. The choice of material depends upon the following factor which includes

  • Weather condition
  • Cost of material
  • Durability
  • Material Availability
  • Appearance
  • Skilled worker Availability

Nowadays metal roofs are becoming more popular in different countries. Metal roofs includes

  1. Aluminum roof
  2. Steel roof
  3. Copper roof

Here in this article, we will discuss about the aluminum pan roof, its pros and cons. Aluminum material is more popular in metal roof construction as compared to other metal roofs. The reason behind this is that aluminum roof provides a large number of benefits as compared to other metal roofs.

Aluminum pan roof is a roof system made from lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum panels. Aluminum is the lightest material as compared to other building roof materials and also being durable. As compared to other metals the aluminum roof has high strength to weight ratio.

Aluminum pan roof provides easy maintenance, and it has long life span. Nowadays aluminum pan roof is manufactured in variety of colors and in different designs.

The Aluminum pan roofs are available in two varieties in the market: fully adhered and mechanically fastened. These aluminum panels are constructed of corrugated aluminum with a factory applied elastomeric or flexible asphalt coating for protection against weather and other elements.

These roof panels are manufactured in the factory in care of skilled workers, and it come with long warranty. Aluminum pan roofs are preferred because of quality craftsmanship and its durability. These aluminum pan roofs can be installed anywhere and for almost all types of buildings. These roofs are not preferred for wooden homes.

Aluminum Pan Roofing Panels – Pros & Cons
Aluminum Pan Roofing Panels – Pros & Cons

Tools For installation

For installation of aluminum pan roofs several tools are needed. They include

  • Step ladder
  • Level
  • hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Speed drill
  • Square
  • Tin snip
  • Caulking gun

Aluminum Flat Pan Roof Panels

Aluminum flat pan roof is constructed of aluminum panels and other materials that are used specially for flat roofing. Aluminum is a lightweight, durable and corrosive resistant material. It is manufactured in various types of products which include metal sheets, skylight frames, gutters and flashings. The durability of aluminum makes it ideal material for flat metal roof panels.

Aluminum flat panels are prefabricated metal sheets used for roof covering in homes and industrial buildings. These aluminum sheets are also used as walls in industries. It consists of corrosion resistant metal panel that can be manufactured in shape and size.

Aluminum flat panel roofs consists of three layers

  • Outer protective finish layer
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum substrate
  • Lower watertight membrane to prevent leakage

Aluminum flat pan panels are used as roofing material on large range of buildings including homes, schools, offices etc.

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Advantages of Aluminum pan roof

Low cost

The aluminum pan roof panels are cost effective as compared to other roofs of metal and different materials including concrete and tiles roofing in terms of long benefits. The low cost of aluminum roofing is due to its easy availability and less amount of material is required. While concrete roofing consists of minimum 5–7-inch concrete slab which increases the cost of roof. The aluminum roof lasts longer as compared to other roofs which makes aluminum roof panel cost effective.

Aesthetically pleasing

Aluminum pan roofs have been proven to be very effective and aesthetically pleasing appearance. These metal roofs are now manufactured in various designs and styles which increases the variety of aluminum pan roofing.

Low maintenance cost

One of the main benefits of this roofing is that its maintenance cost is negligible. That’s why its application has been increasing day by day. It usually requires little, or no painting and its finish will not fade.

Long life span

The aluminum pan roof panels have longer life span of 70 to 100 years. While other roofs do not have such longer life span. This is another important benefit because of which its demand is increasing day by day.

High Strength and durability

The aluminum pan roof has high strength as compared to other materials roofing. The metal roofing gives large strength in small section and thickness as compared to concrete, wood and stones roofing. Similarly, the durability of metal roofs specially aluminum is very high.

No skilled Labor required

The aluminum pan roofing is prefabricated panels which are manufactured in factories. They are light weight and easy to install. It does not require any skilled labor or construction worker to install these panels if a person is little experienced and has skills.

Environment Friendly

Aluminum pan roofing is environment friendly because it is made by joining aluminum panels. While concrete and wooden roofs are not environment friendly because concrete construction emits large amount of heat into environment and for wooden roofs a large number of trees are cut. So, both these materials are not environment friendly.

Disadvantages of Aluminum pan roofs


Aluminum is softer metal as compared to steel. It is subjecting to denting if there is a load applied on the aluminum roof or person of large weight walk on this roof.

Structural limitations

This type of metal roofing is good for covering of homes and industrial buildings, but this type of metal roof is not used for structural purposes in multi-storey buildings. These are only used to cover the single floor buildings with no structural loads on it except wind load.

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