How do drones help with roof inspections and building surveys?

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 Drone technology has revolutionized building and roof surveys certainly within most cities and London especially.UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) provide the most accurate building survey results in the shortest and quickest time. As the results are instant and obvious data can be seen in real time. Gone are the days when you had to reach your roof, via ladders or cherry pickers to access and survey its condition. The state-of-the-art drones offer unparalleled visibility at an affordable price.

If you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager or construction engineer you may need to conduct building surveys and roof inspections to determine the irregularities and problems quickly. Such a proactive approach prevents costly repairs and lets you make informed recommendations to fix issues quickly and effectively.

So, here’s our take on how drones help with roof inspections and building surveys

Why drones for surveying?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are equipped with continually evolving camera technology. The remote-controlled aerial vehicle is technology that can undertake aerial surveys upto heights of 400 feet and more depending on the license the drone operator holds With resolutions of 4K and more, results provide clear video and precise stills shots of small or large areas depending on the requirements.
Any  reputable drone survey company London has been trained  to fly and manoeuvre the drone and meet the surveying needs providing accurate data safely and quickly. It is a cost-effective solution for detailed roof and building inspection, eliminating the risk of working at height. Unlike traditional means of surveying, drone technology offers significant cost savings, plus it only takes a few hours to complete rather than days (depending on the location size of course). You can undertake and access the condition of all types of commercial, industrial, residential, and historic buildings without the need to hire powered access or scaffolding.  

Benefits of using drones


When you hire a company to conduct a traditional roof or building surveyor for a property inspection, they charge you for the scaffolding and relevant access management system. So, you need to pay more for property inspections. Moreover the traditional methods can be  very time-consuming. Hence there’s no point in paying thousands extra on roofing inspections to know one or two tiles are missing. On the other hand, drones entirely change the scenario taking scaffold out of the equation and offering fast results at only a fraction of the price.

High-value data

Unlike traditional methods of surveying, drones help you reach otherwise inaccessible and challenging  locations such as gutters, valleys, ridge areas, pitched roofs and flat roof areas. They offer high-value data, and you don’t even have to get access over fragile roofs risking your life and limb. You can obtain detailed photographic data of the roof and at all high-level elements of a building. With flight stabilization technology within the drones camera gimbal that further aids in acquiring high-quality stills of the building and roof areas.
As a pioneering London drone surveying company, we provide tailored solutions for property managers and homeowners. We operate and work with market-leading drones with valid permissions for commercial operation. Our staff are well trained and qualified to the industry standard. Whether you require an annual assessment of your building or need an issue such as leak, fallen tile, gutter maintenance, flat roof repair evaluation, we offer packages that are affordable and flexible with your budget. Just call us now, and we’ll be happy to serve your surveying needs.

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