Mobile CRMs – A helping Hand for Roofing Industry in USA

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 The roofing industry in US is now transforming from a system of papers with narrow future potential towards a mission-critical cloud based data management system called CRM. This is self-evident from increased demand and interest of roofing contractors in U.S., as technological invasion towards customer relationship and sales-tracking software.

Referring to CRM, an acronym of Customer Relationship Management, is a modern intuitive set of tools with distinguishing characteristics helping roofing contractors to manage the customer service side of their businesses. From managing accounts receivable, invoicing, inventory, estimating, designs towards interaction with different stakeholders, site supervisors or even managing day to day works on-the-go; the CRM can do the trick for you.

With drastic evolution of mobile technology over the years, customer’s perception and expectation on state of the art customer experience well-conversant with their life style, demands an outstanding customer’s services on their mobile phones. This mobile customer relationship management applications (mCRM) is the way forward and the key to success for you as a roofing contractor in U.S.A.

 According to a report, of all the CRM users, 81% said they access their CRM using multiple type of devices. Half of these CRM users uses smartphones and tablets.  So this indicates the attractiveness of the roofing work clients in U.S.A towards mobile friendly CRM tools.

So in this read, I would be going to highlight the impacts of mobile CRMs on the healthier bottom-line of roofing industry in U.S.A.

Relationship Management with Clients


The success or failure of yours in a roofing industry is reliant heavily on how effective you manage relationship with your clients and customers. You can never convert a lead into an opportunity without a well conversant approach comprising of effective communication with clients. In current times, never expect to win a trust by communicating on Outlook with attached excel sheet estimates.

The firms utilizing CRM have all of their employees on one page with a unanimous promise with the client. This attitude of a company wins’ trust of the customers, who gets a clear shot of firm’s reputation. With involvement of the client in day-to-day operation as well as real-time suggestions and performance analytics you get a clear edge on your competitors. So with that, you are considerably increasing your chance of winning bids and even increasing affiliate leads and opportunities. 


Enhanced Customer’s loyalty and satisfaction


With mobile CRM in hand you are better able to track potential customer interactions at ease with efficient customer file management. For the crew members, most of their jobs is to be done out in the site so to boost their performance they need to get informed about client’s requirements through go-mobile CRM solution. In doing so, the work can be carried out well accordingly to the requirements and up to satisfaction of the client.


Lowered resource Consumption and Better Production


With mobile CRM you get such built-in applications that will give you exact roofing measurements and diagrams for an accurate real-time estimation and you can do the planning while on-the-go. Mobile CRMs are not just customer relationship enhancements but they are smart construction management tools that allows you to 

Forget the old days when you need hundreds of photocopies, staplers, dozens of file cabinets, folders and all such stationary stuff, because all of these digitized editions are there to rescue.

Without CRM you need to fill in papers for all the details of inspections, estimated, order changes, change requests and orders. All these papers were then brought back to office and all were entered manually on computers. The CRM converts this manual multi-steps operation in a single step automotive operation where you can use pre created forms that can be distributed on a single click.

Greater Lead Generation


Mobile CRM has an outstanding impact on managing sales process i.e. track leads, production, sales, marketing and commissions. Once a lead comes in whether from a phone call or a flyer or through a TV ad, with fully customizable forms you can add in the details i.e. contact information, address, type of contact and similar details that would be circulated throughout the company and you can then easily assign the lead to a sales representative and track the lead. Thus it gives you a better conversion rates from leads to sales by fully automotive estimation and preparation of bid.

Increased Efficiency of Workers


Real-time job communication, allows contractor to have real time integrations between all levels of their organization.  With mobile on-the-go crew and vendor management no one can lay idle actually utilizing them to their fullest potential. With automated estimation services, the sales staff can focus on selling and increasing company profits.

The Site Supervisor can access the assigned workflow and can further generate automatic task lists for crew to follow and complete their tasks. The supervisor can track these tasks which can be sent directly to the management once the job is finished.

Enhanced Company Profile and Resume Automation


In construction industry and especially for roofing contractors profile and resume has a rock-solid impact on winning bids and getting prequalified for a work.  In a highly competitive roofing industry, only those roofing companies thrive and are successful that based on mobile CRM for efficiently manage their business.

The customers are offered real look into the profile of the Contractor and they can have an eye on their business performance with customer survey software. With such reputation checking applications, the customers are choosier in their selection and are tilted towards thriving profiles generating a challenging task for business developers to survive.

 Here’s a famous roofing estimation company that’s got a good reputable staff to take care of all construction estimates for your firm. 

Stress-free and fast data access


You get ready up-to-date sales and marketing analytics of your company which allows you to have a clear picture of where your business stands. After winning a bid, the sales team can assign the project to a site representative or assign a project manager who can then access the entire conversation that has been done up till now. This allows him to know the exact requirements of the job for an efficient meetup with the customer’s expectations.

Real time Catastrophe prognosis


Without a suspicion, the U.S. roofing industry has seen a barrage of natural disasters; hurricanes, tornado and hail seasons have devastating impacts challenging the capabilities of contractor’s in terms of technology and safety against such unprecedented shattering.

Modern mobile CRM has allowed the Contractor’s to have a real time hail maps with hail tracking technologies. They can monitor and generate hail reports and can work accordingly by adjusting the safety factors of their technology. With this the Contractors can ensure stability and security of their works so as to withstand the test of time.

Boosted Profit


With all of above discussion, it is clear as crystal that with CRM you can have boosted profits and glorifying business. As quoted in thiscase study, Kelly Roofing – a leading roofing contractor in U.S, has increased their production by 27% with the use of Mobile CRM. So this increased production is your step to the next level of business where you could focus more on sales than getting indulged in useless document handling.



Closing Note

So in a nutshell, without a doubt, I can state that the smart CRM helps to run and make mobile the entire operation of a roofing and contracting company.  From in-house operations to out-in-the-field operations you are at ease in assigning and tracking the day to day working of your company.

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