Overlapping metal roof lengthwise

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A metal roofing is the most common type of roofing which is used nowadays. This type of roofing has greater strength, fire resistance, durability. Metal roofs have high initial cost but it has low maintenance cost and long life, because of this advantage it costs less in terms of long benefit. There are different types of metal roofs which are explained below

Aluminum roofing– it is a lightweight, does not corrode and suitable for coastal environment.

Copper roofing- This metal roof has longer life because it has different protective layers and available in different colors. it is most expensive roof.

Tin roofing- it is no longer in use. Today “tin roofing” usually refers to steel.

Zinc roofing- It has longer life span and expensive roofing material that will patina and change color.

Steel roofing- This is the most common metal roofing widely used and available in different colors.

All these types of metal sheet roofs are available in different sizes. It means that for covering the whole roof it will be overlapped at different points.

However, you might be amazed whether it is possible to overlap the metal roofing safely to make it as one metal sheet to protect it from leakage and weak points. Here is this article we will discuss how we can safely overlap the metal roof without any issue.

Overlapping metal roof lengthwise
Overlapping metal roof lengthwise

Overlapping metal roof lengthwise

We can install metal roofs by overlapping it lengthwise. Metal roofs should be installed with care to avoid leaks. A lengthwise overlap refers to when two metal sheets are placed one above the other lengthwise. Installation of metal roofs can be done by itself or we can hire a skilled labor. Proper instructions should be followed which are given by metal roof manufacturers and safety should be a first priority when installing roofs.

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Steps for overlapping

  • All the instructions should be read carefully on how to install metal roofing
  • Metal roofs can be installed by different methods and each method follow its own instructions.
  • Help of local construction authority should be taken. Local building authority might have its own requirements.
  • Follow all safety precautions. Safety should be a first priority while installing metal roofs.
  • Metal roofs are fairly heavy and there are chances that ladder can slip. So, there should be enough persons at work site and divide the work according to requirement.
  • Install the metal roof panel. In order to prevent water from seeping and damaging the house a sufficient overlap should be provided so that water can remove from roof safely without leakage and ponding.
  • Position a metal panel’s edge. Now leave about 1/2 inch of extra room on the edges so that panels can overlap. Panel edges can overlap.
  • After aligning the panels, line them up to prevent leaks and secure them so they stay in place.

Benefits of overlapping metal roof lengthwise

There are many benefits of overlapping metal roof lengthwise which are explained below

Less number of Seams

Overlapping of metal roof lengthwise has large number of benefits in which fewer seams is one of them. As we know when we install metal roof there are seams formed at overlapping points and different corners and edges due to shape of roof. When we install roof lengthwise then there are a smaller number of seams formed which provides benefit in terms of less weak points. It is beneficial for both installation and material reasons.

Metal overlap does not require nails or screws driven through it and there will be no holes in a sheet which means after this no patching is required. Because in this arrangement there are a smaller number of seams so more water-tight sheet it become.

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Time Saving

Another benefit of overlapping metal roof lengthwise is that it saves time. In overlapping of roof lengthwise there will be a smaller number of seams. Time is only consumed at seams point because worker has to proper adjust it to prevent that joint from water absorption or leak. So, a smaller number of seams save time and installation of roof lengthwise takes less time.

Saves Labor and Material cost

Overlapping of metal roof lengthwise also saves labor and material cost. if a roof is installed in a way in which more seams are formed then more labor will be required to work on seams. Similarly, more metal sheets will be required for more seams due to large overlapping of sheets. But in lengthwise overlapping fewer seams are formed which saves both labor and material cost.

Stronger seam

One benefit of overlapping roof lengthwise is that it provides stronger seam. While in traditional way of overlapping the seam lines are not stronger due to less length of contact point. While in overlapping in length dimension provides greater contact area and stronger seam.

Improves drainage and prevents leaks

Overlap metal roof lengthwise improves drainage on roof because there will be no clogged or blocked seams where water where chances of water to get trapped. In this arrangement of overlapping there will be less seam which means there are less weak points so it eliminates chances of leakage.

As already stated, overlapping metal roof lengthwise provides many benefits from being watertight to saves time and money.it also saves roof material and provide stronger seam than traditional overlap. This method of overlap has been tried and tested by manufacturers of metal roofs and proven to be most beneficial for metal roof installation. This method is a good choice for roof installation and these results are taken after survey and remarks given by user who used this method.

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