Roof Vent leak during heavy rain – Why it happens? Here’s how to fix

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So, every time it rains, you got to put the bucket under roof vent leak during heavy rain. That’s probably because you have cracks in the vent pipe boot or flashing. While we install vents on the roof, we provide flexible boot for sealing the opening around the surface of vent pipe. But these boots can crack overtime and may not live forever.

So, what will you do about water leaking from ceiling vent during rain?

Here’s a detail guide:

Roof vents – the basics

A hole which is provided near the top of the wall in ceiling for removing the air from inside of home and for ventilation purposes is called roof vent.

The hole is covered by attaching the pipe with the roof from exterior side and top is covered in such a way that it only allows air to flow out and prevent penetration of rain water into the pipe. A vent pipe is available in market in various shapes and size.

The most common types of roof vents are given below.

  • Ridge Vents (Most Common Exhaust)
  • Off Ridge Vents
  • Box Vents
  • Hard-Wired Powered Attic Vents
  • Solar Powered Attic Vents
  • Roof Turbines

Roof vent should be installed properly to prevent it from leaks during the season of rains. Roof vent leak can create a lot of problems.

When water leaks through the roof or there’s a ridge vent leaks during heavy rain, it will cause a big mess. The leakage of rain water can cause damage to a roof and building structure. It also exposes people living in house to dangerous risk of collapsing structure.

If the roof is made by good quality material and have higher strength but if the vent pipes are not installed properly, it will cause water leakage during rainy season.

 During heavy rains there are more chances of roof leaks so if any leakage occurs through the any opening it should be make sure to fix the problem quickly as soon as possible before mold starts growing and before other damage occur.

Roof vent can leak from different locations, but the most common location of leakage is roof vent area because roof vent area creates a joint and become a weak point.

When the roof vent pipe is cut and installed at the hole there is small space left which is filled with material and rubber sheets which cover gap between pipe and roof.

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Roof Vent leak during heavy rain
Roof Vent leak during heavy rain

Causes of roof vent Leak

There are different issues which can cause roof vent leaking. Some of the common causes are given below.

  • Hiring an inexperienced roofer or general contractor to work on roof. They usually do mistakes while installing because they don’t know all the requirements and instructions due to inexperience and when it rains it leaks mostly near weak points such as vent pipe.
  • In winter season due to decrease of temperature the material of seal between pipe and roof contracts and create space and allowing rainwater in through the gap that is formed.
  • Rubber sheet damage around contact area of roof and pipe often becomes the main cause of roof vent leakage. During summer due to sun exposure and heat the rubber sheets damaged and create space for water to leak in.
  • Plastic and metal vents are usually worn out by heat and rain. With passage of time cracks developed and allow water in through the cracks formed.
  • The vent pipe does not install properly in its designated space and create water leakage.
  • Some other reasons of damage are loose nails, broken seams on metal base, rusty metal collars.

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Signs of vent roof leaking during heavy rain

If you see any of the signs given below, immediately take preventive measures to avoid large damage.

  • Water is entering in house through roof near vents or outlets during heavy rain.
  • A lot of condensation inside on walls or on ceiling. This can be true in case if they have recently been painted
  • If there are stains near the top of wall on roof and close to vent pipe.
  • Due to leakage the rain water absorbs and increases the weight of roof which results in sagging of roof and vent also start to buckle. This is also a sign of roof leakage.
  • If there is a lot of moss growing on the roof, then it also indicates the sign of water leakage.

Procedure of fixing roof vent leak during Rain

  • If there is a water leakage in vent roof during heavy rain, one can stop it for required time by using the techniques given below
  • Always keep some metal caulk and sealant in home for this emergency situation. If there is any gap, space or crack form around vent pipe and water starts penetrating through these cracks then use these metal caulk and sealants which will prevent entering of moisture and water.
  • If water is penetrating in the form of droplets, then use water absorbent material such as towel inside the vent to soak up any water that still coming in.
  • A plastic bucket or any water proofing container can be used at place from where water leaking in.
  • By covering the top of roof vent with water proof material and then sealing off the cracks where u see any leakage.
  • After the rain stop call a professional who provide roof construction and repair service for permanent solution of this roof leakage.

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A roof vent pipe is a thing included in roof maintenance items which should not be overlooked. If proper measures and maintenance are not done on time it can result into risk of damage to a building and the more important human life as well. So visual inspection after some months and proper periodic maintenance of roof should be done in order to avoid any loss.

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