Top 10 Home Renovation Mistakes

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Whether you’re thinking to refurbish and redecorate your house as a whole or a part of it, you might not know all the gamesmanship of renovation industry. All the first-timers out there, like you, must not readily jump into it without preliminaries.

Because of ample decisive factors out there, peers are seeing renovation as a tough and tricky project. Your goal oriented investment could take you to next level of property ownership which otherwise could be a costly setback.      

So keep reading because you would now be introduced to those common yet deadliest home renovation mistakes that have been collected from worthwhile experience of renovation consultants and interior designers. As a gift I would also explain some tricks that would save many bucks for you, guaranteed!

1.   Starting Project Too Soon

So the day you bought a house and you think it is eyeing fussy without living in there for a day or two. This is the most common renovation mistake and a blunder that’s why I’ve put it on the top. In a renovation project, your eyes are many at times deceptive and illusive without involvement of a wide-ranging analysis. 

Try to develop understanding with your house in a way that instead of asking from your brain, your house speaks of itself with what areas require renovation. Try to discern the course of light in your house, the way how air rustles or how the rain water plunges in. Of course you can hire the services of some expert to add-in the knowledge and experience, you lack.           

2.   Making Too Many Changes along the way

As rightly said, renovation is tricky and is stressful, so why going for so many when you only have two hands and one brain? You might be too smart but forces of nature are there to make you fat. You must not confuse renovation with restructure and rebuilt because starting from the scratch would lead you to a never ending frustration.

So the golden trick is to be at ease and try to focus on one thing and centralizing everything around that. Never try to make cluster of changes which would be hard at you and at your pocket as well.

Do you know how many steps are involved in renovating the texture of false ceiling? Or how many elements are associated with it? As everything in your house is interwove and the homogeneity of your house is because of it, so never presume a single job to be a solo flight for you.

3.   Going for the Lowest Bid

Renovation industry is glomming on the way, so never expect to get your job done gloriously on cheap rates. Be wary of the contractors available right away for doing renovation job on cut-rates because they would be compromising on the eminence and class required by a renovation project.    

4.   Going for DIY without Experience

You might consider yourself in a circle of humans termed as “Handy” and as you have searched on DIY House renovation tips in youtube, you consider yourself as no less than an idol. If that would have been so easy there would never be so many renovation consultant and contractor firms in every part of the world.

So without getting expertise and fair knowledge never jump-in because it would not help you and might even prove costly later on for making again the things right.      

5.   Not Expecting the unexpected

Whether you accept it or not, but home renovation hardly goes in accordance with preliminary plans. You never know what comes out while pulling off those insulation boards. This is also one of the common renovation mistakes committed i.e. not expecting the unexpected.

As you can’t divert the unforeseeable circumstances altogether, what only you can do is to be prepared and have Plan B or C in your pocket. You must have a safety factor of about 10 to 15% in terms of budget along with that of your completion deadline.  

6.   Compromising Quality and be a savior

Whether you are a billionaire or none, an elegant lifestyle is therein your dreams all the time. So now if you are provided with an opportunity, why to save some bucks and buy those ugly stuff you touch by and go.  Compromising quality would apparently make renovation light on your pocket for a while but then be ready for incoming flood of problems. 

7.   Ask much and get answers

Conversing in a timely manner with your renovation Contractor would make it easier for both of you. In most of the cases, the home owners think it as an odd to ask. It is better to clarify things at the start rather than fighting at the end. Try to convey, in complete, all of your needs or demands and your expectations and imaginations to the Contractor for his better understanding.

8.   Too many intermittent changes

 Some confused house owners are so annoying that they demand too many intermittent changes which creates an unpleasant environment for your project. It not only increases the cost of your project but these decisions in a rush never be of productive ones.

For this you should go through all the preliminary design details at the start and if required you can ask for any type of change in it.

9.   Not even bothering for measurements

This is also a very common mistake while renovating one’s house. You kick out your old stuff without even noting their size that was best suited and without using any measuring tool you order new stuff. This will disturb the harmony and uniformity of your home you were comfortable with.

So never ignore the need of noting down the measurements and get it written somewhere for you while purchasing for new things.

10.               Working too much with things easily outdated

Can you remember what version of cell phone were you using some years before? Will you be willing to purchase a brand new mobile phone with everything updated except the camera of 2 mega pixels? So never overdo with such tech-stuff in your home because these are easily outdated.

Most of the new comers commit mistake of purchase lavish tech stuff but let me tell you that your this very investment would never be going to pay-off.

In a Nut Shell

A timely and effective home renovation is a very necessary for letting you get the right amount for your property. You can take it as your investment because whatever you pay now would surely be going to help your sale.


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