Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home: Can a 20KW Generator Power Your House?

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The selection of appropriate generator is essential required to supply uninterrupted power supply to home

When considering purchasing a generator, a common question that arises is whether a 20KW generator can effectively power an entire house.

This article highlight the details required to procure the right generator for household needs.

Typically, an average household requires approximately 8000-9000 watts per hour.

Henceforth, if your house has power requirement capacity of 20,000 Watts, a 20KW generator is sufficient to handle this for backup up to 2 hours.  

Determination the Requirements of Power Appliance :

One must be well aware of the power requirements/consumption of electrical appliance. Most appliances provide this information in their user manuals. In case you’ve misplaced the manual, we’ve compiled an energy chart detailing the average energy consumption for various appliances. Keep in mind that energy consumption may slightly vary based on specific models.

  • Refrigerator: 800-1200 watts
  • Space Heater: 1200-1500 watts
  • Air Conditioner: 800-1500 watts
  • Television: 50-100 watts
  • Lights (Individual): 5-100 watts
  • Microwave: 600-1000 watts
  • Washing Machine: 500-800 watts
  • Internet Router: 5-10 watts

The calculation of power requirements is essentially required to determine whether 20KW generator is adequate to produce the power appliances and hold the backup durations as well

Calculating Your Required Power:

Before purchasing a generator, it’s essential to calculate your home’s power requirements. Most homes typically require around 8000-10,000 watts per hour. To determine your specific power needs, sum up the wattage requirements of all your appliances. A 20KW generator can deliver a maximum of 20,000 watts per hour, accounting for some wattage loss.

The run time of generator is significantly increased by 50% load, making it ideal for uninterrupted power outages.

During such emergencies, prioritize essential appliances like lights and refrigerators over power-hungry devices like air conditioners and heaters.

Choosing the Right Generator Size:

Selecting the right generator size is crucial to avoid overheating or damage to appliances. If your power requirements exceed 12,000 watts, it’s advisable to opt for a generator larger than 20KW. However, refrain from purchasing an excessively large generator, as it can lead to higher fuel costs.

Determining your required power is essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all your appliances.

The safe, effective and efficient operation of appliances is possible only by the determination of required power supply. You can select particular size of generator by the simple calculations so that during times of outages the power supply becomes uninterrupted.  

In Conclusion:

The generator having capacity of 20KW proves itself to be most powerful electrical equipment that can power to household appliances effectively.

However, if your home’s power requirements surpass 20,000 watts, consider investing in a larger generator.

The power calculation is only feasible and desirable solution not only enabling the smooth operations of appliances but also enhanced the run time of generator.

Zubair Saleem

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